A large number of vineyards from the Bad Kreuznach region already obtained top ratings in the Prussian classification of vineyards dating back from 1901. This classification was reconfirmed some 95 years later in Hugh Johnson and Stuart Pigott’s book “Atlas der Deutschen Weine” (Atlas of German wines).

In the world of premium gastronomy, Riesling wines from Bad Kreuznach dating back to the early 1900s achieved significantly higher prices than the prestigious Châteaux wines from Bordeaux or Burgundy.

Our joint objective is to restore the age of outstanding wines from Bad Kreuznach and to enliven the potential of our vineyards.



In 2013 we were able to seize a great opportunity. The vineyards of the great Ökonomierat August E. Anheuser wine estate which had already been renowned for over 100 years for their prestigious terroir and classification by the VDP, were offered for sale to Steffen Montigny.

The old vine stocks, amended with newly planted Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines, put us in the fortunate position of being able to vinify grand wines in and around the historic wine town of Bad Kreuznach.

In den Zehn Morgen then took shape thanks to a far-sighted vision.


Our Vision

We have been cultivating our vineyards in harmony with nature since 2016, using traditional sowing methods and good compost to improve the soil.
New vines are being planted in line with the moon calendar by Maria Thun.
We do not use any herbicides and are working hard on gradually transforming our winery into ecologically certified cultivation. By adopting a gentle approach to winemaking and strengthening the vines from within, we are improving the fermentation process of our Rieslings, Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs.

We like to give our wines plenty of time to mature, which provides them with natural stability and particular complexity.

For us, the vision of In den Zehn Morgen is only imaginable with responsible cultivation.



Everything falls into place with Stefan Schmidt and Steffen Montigny. Stefan Schmidt is responsible for the careful maturation of our wines and respectful handling of our vines and soil. Through mutual exchange with Stephan Pompejus, who knows the specific requirements of the wine world as our contact for sommeliers and dealers, our wine estate is continually developing and perfecting.

Steffen Montigny has secured a future for a large number of the most prestigious vineyards in his home town of Bad Kreuznach. Everyone here is working towards a common goal.

Step by step, with a high sense of curiosity and immense pleasure in our handcraft, we aim to further develop In den Zehn Morgen – after all, nature only concedes one chance to create grand wines.

We are all have a joint goal in mind: to create grand wines.